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Australian farmers welcome global agreement to scrap agricultural export subsidies

Version 2In a significant development for Australian dairy farmers, ABC News reports that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have agreed to scrap agricultural subsidies.

This is important for Australian farmers as Australia scrapped its subsidies decade ago leaving us at a competitive disadvantage compared to the likes of Europe and North America.

“We’ll have a level playing field, Australian farmers will be far more competitive, we’ll keep markets that we otherwise would have lost, and it just generally puts us in a much, much stronger position than we’ve been in decades.

“[Export subsidies] started really in a big way with the Europeans and the Americans back in the 1970s and ’80s; Australian governments and industry have been fighting this issue for decades now.

“Many would recall the big stockpiles of dairy products and meat and grain that built up in Europe at different times off the back of these major subsidies.

“They’ve caused enormous loss of markets and loss of income over decades, and it is critical that this decision was taken.”

Joey’s welcomes the latest WTO developments and looks forward to increasingly supplying high quality dairy products into both established and high growth emerging markets.